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Acura Labs is continuously developing credit scoring and customer profiling service. You can subscribe this through Acura Labs Developer.

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Credit Score Development

Machine Learning Techniques & Big Data for Predictive Credit Score

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Our credit scoring system combines the conventional credit history and alternative data to have a 360 customer’s view to accurately predict the risk profile of an incoming loan application.

We continuously improve and add more relevant scores from our exploration and development cycles by refining each step: capturing data, build model, and measure.

Alternative Data for Better Financial Decision

Our data layer engine helps financial institutions and business partners to leverage alternative data, with the user’s consent, for making credit decisions.

Financial Institutions
Ride Hailing
Online Travel Agent
And many more...

These data will then be used as one of the credit worthiness measurements. Credit worthiness is based on financial health, credit discipline, identity, behavior & preferences and social relationships.

Acura Labs Developer

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Acura Labs Developer is user management system that enable user to subscribe to use APIs product and monitor its usage.

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