About Us

Acura focus on developing innovative alternative scores to advance financial inclusion for all Indonesians

This score is developed using various data sources. Acura then processed the data and also the data obtained from partners (OVO, Taralite and Bareksa) for the development of a credit score model.

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Vision & Mission

Accelerating The Expansion of Indonesia's
Financial Inclusion Through Technology

Acura Labs is an alternative credit scoring service provider that specializes in intelligent risk management. Acura Labs' credit score products target retail / consumer customers (Customer Score) as well as productive customers.


Accelerating the expansion of Indonesia's financial inclusion through technology.


To assist financial institutions by providing access to alternative data using Machine Learning algorithms.
To reach the unreached markets (financial inclusion) for better financial decision making.
To Improve the financial literacy of the Indonesian population.

Our Passion

We’ve Always Been On a Mission to Expand
Financial Inclusion in Indonesia


Alternative Data

Low penetration of financial products are caused by the lack of data coverage, and we are here to help.


Automated Process

Empowering financial institutions to shorten approval time.


Credit Scoring

Leveraging credit history and alternative data in an easy-to-use scoring system.

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